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You have either been asked to check out the site, or maybe you have stumbled across it for some reason or another.   We seem to get a lot of traffic from people searching on the name Teegarden and it's variations.  If that is how you found us, you might want to check out the history page, this could give you some information you might not have known before.

We are a family of 4 living in in Orange County California, Mission Viejo to be exact.  I guess I shouldn't say 4 or the dogs might get upset, let's make it 6. 

Our youngest is Olivia, she is 10 years old and her middle name is 'Gymnastics', actually it is Marie, but she spends so much time at the Gym I always forget that.  She spends 22 hours a week training and that is not enough for her, so she likes to go on Friday nights to open gym to get a little more time in!  She is really excelling, in January '09 she was selected to the Jump Start National team for the second time in a row.  She is competing in two sports - Artistic (Vault, Beam, Bars and Floor) as well as Trampoline and Tumbling (Trampoline, Double Mini and Tumbling).  In TnT she medaled in all 3 events again this year at the Junior Olympics National competition in San Jose.  In artistic she has been doing great, state champ for level 4 in Bars, Beam, Floor and All-Around.  A little more competition in level 5 and ended up 5th All-Around.  State for level 6 was November 14th and she kicked butt.  Lanie wrote up some details, but she became state champ again and ended up 1st all around out of 130 level 6 girls!

Our next is Colton, he is 12 years old and at this time hasn't narrowed his focus to one sport unless you count playing the XBOX 360.  Currently he is also at the gym and on the boys team and his first competition will be in January 2010.  He gets plenty of riding when we go camping at the desert.  He usually rides from about 8 in the morning until dark only stopping to eat and grab a drink.  You can check out some of his skills in the Ocotillo Wells video at Vimeo.  One trip our during the 2009 season he logged 80 miles with the big guys over a weekend - not to mention all the riding around camp!  He is on his 3rd motorcycle which we bought at the beginning of this season.  He is now riding a 2008 KLX140 - first time on a bike with a clutch and has handled it like a pro!

Lanie traded in her full-time job and the San Diego Convention Center in early 1997 for a tougher full-time job of Mom.  She has been making sure the house has been running smoothly ever since.  Running the kids all over town, actually the country now that Olivia has been traveling for Gymnastics.  Keeping on top of all the sports and camping trips.  Making sure we all eat and have clean clothes.  Not a job anyone lines up to do, but she does it better than anyone!

Hmm, where do I start without boring everyone to tears. I enjoy spending time with my family, especially camping. I think my favorite time of year to camp is during the desert season. Riding and relaxing with our close friends is the best. We have a steady group of 17 us that go out - 8 adults and 9 crazy kids. It's great to watch all the kids ride and get better over the years. I have a few other hobbies when I have time. Scuba diving is the most relaxing sport I have done. I used to play a lot of golf, but since I discovered scuba that went out the window. I also like video editing, even more so now that I have a new HD camera. I have a few films at Vimeo (some more in the works) and I found they are the best for hosting HD video.  You can check out some my older non HD work at ultimatedv.com.  I also love cooking stuff in my Bradley smoker.  There is nothing like good BBQ!

Cooper and Lola
Our 2 rescued min pins from IMPS.  Cooper is as sweet as they come, but Lola always has to boss him around.  They have completely opposite personalities, which makes it a little bit of a challenge.  They are great dogs and love everyone, especially when they are wanting a little snuggle time!


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