2009 Jr. Olympics - San Jose, CA

by Lanie Teegarden 28. October 2009 09:32
I am going to combine a few topics in this post since it has been so long since I have posted an entry.  I wanted to give an update on Olivia's progress in TnT and Artistic Gymnastics.

Jump Start
Olivia made this year’s JumpStart National Team for the second year in a row.  Final Selection was held in Tulsa, OK, in January.  She was one of 21 girls selected from across the nation.  She was selected for both Trampoline and Tumbling. In February she attended the JumpStart National Team Training Camp in Huntsville, AL.  JumpStart is a program sponsored by USA Gymnastics in order to identify future elite athletes ages 7 to 12.  The athletes are evaluated on strength, flexibility and skills.  She just completed state testing for what could be her 3rd year of JumpStart.  CA was the first state to complete their testing, so once the rest of the nation completes testing and uploads their scores, the top athletes will then be chosen to compete at the National level for a spot on the 2010 team.  We'll keep you posted. More...

Colton's Soccer Game

by Rob Teegarden 15. September 2008 07:30

Colton had a soccer game Saturday and he played great!  It was the best I have ever seen him play.  Colton was always hustling for the ball, had at least 3 shots on goal and played great defense too.  He was really burning it up out there.  He would have had an assist, but the goal was taken away due to an offsides call.  His throw ins looked awesome!  These are the first shots I have taken with Red Nan's D100 and they came out pretty well.  Looking forward to the next game. More...

First Week of School

by Lanie Teegarden 11. September 2008 11:26

Here are some Pictures from the first week of school.  Enjoy...  More...

Colton and the Wikipedia

by Rob Teegarden 30. April 2008 19:50

I am sure all of you have heard about kids getting a little out of control on the Internet.  Well, I can vouch for them needing to be watched like a hawk.  My son Colton, who is only 10 years old, took it upon himself to modify the Wikipedia entry for 'Colton, California'.  he thought it would be good to add the entry 'Colton Teegarden (1997-?) - Colton's last city-marshal ' under Famous Residents.  I can assure you my son Colton was never the city-marshal.  Luckily someone else has figured this out too, and removed the entry.  I did capture a screen shot before it was corrected. More...

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