Time-lapse Rig Unpacking

by Rob Teegarden 30. April 2009 10:04

I created a time-lapse lapse of us unpacking at Ocotillo Wells.  For my first stab at a film of this type, it came out pretty good.  I hope you enjoy it.

View HD version and other TeeParty Films at Vimeo.

Ocotillo Wells Thanksgiving 2008

by Rob Teegarden 2. December 2008 09:37

We had our 4th annual Thanksgiving trip to Ocotillo Wells this year.  The weather was perfect!  It rained quite a bit before we got there so it was a little muddy setting up camp, but it kept the dust down for the next couple of days and made riding the washes a blast with all the wet sand.  We fried up 3 turkeys, 2 of them were cold smoked before frying which just adds to the flavor.  We took the whole gang on a ride to the Travertine Grill in Salton City for lunch on Friday.  The kids spent a lot of time jumping right by our camp.  All in all it was a wonderful trip spent with family and friends. More...

Johnson Valley OHV Halloween 2008

by Rob Teegarden 3. November 2008 09:29

These pictures are from our first trip to the desert this season.  We ended up going to Johnson Valley because the weather was too hot in Ocotillo Wells.  Since we were out there on Halloween the kids carved pumpkins and the girls all dressed up.  They even went from trailer to trailer trick or treating.  We had a good first trip! More...

Ocotillo Wells

by Rob Teegarden 3. April 2008 19:18

I took the first videos with the new HV20 on one of our camping trips to Ocotillo Wells.  I have a lot of practice I need to do with the camera, but overall it went pretty well.  I used all the default settings out of the box, no filters or equipment.  I did learn learn that slow panning and optical image stabilization can make the movement look jerky as you pan and it is trying to compensate.

I am pleased with the quality of the video coming of the camera.  I wish I had more time to spend editing video.  It can be such a time consuming process to get right.  I think for the first stab in HD format it came out pretty good.  Let me know what you think.

View HD version and other TeeParty Films at Vimeo.
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