Jump Start National Team Testing

by Lanie Teegarden 29. April 2008 18:07

2008 National Jump Start Testing - Tulsa, OK

Olivia qualified at the state level to attend JumpStart testing at the national level, which was this past January in Tulsa, OK.  JumpStart is a a special program designed to identify future elite athletes, specifically in trampoline and tumbling, which is not even her primary sport, so when her coach first invited her to train for the program, I figured yeah right, whatever.  However, Olivia's Red Nan happened to take her to gym on the night when the official invitations were handed out, and made promises to her that she could do the program and Nan would take her to Tulsa if she qualified.  I wasn't thrilled to add a 5th night to her practice schedule, but Olivia was enthusiastic, and how could I say no to that? More...

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