XBOX 360 'Red Ring of Death'

by Rob Teegarden 29. April 2008 21:13

My son and I are big XBOX fans.  We bought the original XBOX console sometime in early 2003.  It got quite a bit of use through the beginning of 2007 when we were disappointed there were hardly any new games coming out for it.  Finally in July of 2007 we talked Lanie's Mom into getting us a 360 Elite as a combined birthday present for me and Colton.  We got a few games and have been adding to the collection ever since.  We were stuck on Halo 3 for a while along with Guitar Hero III and Rock Band.  Ever since Call of Duty 4 came out I have had a hard time going back to those games.  Before playing on-line, I spent a few ours beating the game on veteran.  Some of the levels were quite challenging, especially Mile High Club, 60 seconds isn't very much time to get to the end of the level.

All was great in 360 land until the end of March 2008.  My Call of Duty 4 started freezing up.  It didn't matter if I played on line or in single player.  I tried some older games and had no issues so I thought it might be the disc.  After buying a used disc, I found out it wasn't that either.  Finally I got the dreaded "Red Ring of Death" - Ugh! More...

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