Site History 1997
As many of you know the site has been around for quite some time.   The first site was launched way back in 1997 (that is an eternity in web years) right around the time Colton was born.  You can still visit this ancient web site - dancing baby and all! 2000
In early 2000 v2.0 was launched.  This site was written in ASP classic using a MS SQL Database.  This site stayed working until the Spring of 2008.  There were many times when I wanted to re-write the site, but never had the time.  Ultimately I figured if I didn't have time to keep the site updated, then what is the point of re-architecting the site?  You can still view the old site in its glory. 2008
In early 2008 I decided the best way for me, well actually my entire family, to keep the site up to date is to run some sort of blogging software.  I wanted to be able to link off to my HD videos at Vimeo, and display a few pictures.  I settled on, it seemed to be pretty straight forward and best of all it is open source.  Within an hour I had it configured, running, deployed custom themes and extensions and even wrote an extension to display Vimeo videos within the site.   So for the time being this is how the Teegardens will keep the rest of the world up to date.

Thanks for your patience over the years...


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