Teegarden History

The history I know about the name Theegarten - with alternate spellings like Tegarden, Teegarden, Teagarden, Teagardin, etc. - mostly comes from a great family tree book I was able to get a hold of about 10 years ago (pictured below).  This book has information that dates back to around 843AD where the Theegarten Farm which gave the family the name, was on of five "yards" or "gardens" of the Franconian Kings' Court at Solingen.  The yards or farms, of which there were five, are mentioned in the oldest document about Soligen dated the year of 965AD in the Lacomblet Archiv, and grew into the suburbs of Clauberg, Katterberg, Limminghofen, Theegarten and one other. 

The name Theegarten always had the ‘Th’ which is quite important for its explanation: according to ancient writing about it in 1303 ‘Th’ was used as the written capital ‘Z’ as in ‘Zeyngarden’ although the ’y’ use in the 13th and 14th centuries was more properly an ‘i’ according to come authorities. By 1374 the name is spelled "Thegarden" in the "STADTPRIVILEG" (town privilege) of Solingen.  In the tax register for 1488 it shows the name as "Tegarden" when Engelbert de Theegarten (the town) paid the tax of one chicken and one egg for his various properties.  A later Tax Register for 1758 refelcts the family names used in America - Abraham (my son Colton Abraham is named after) and Daniel Tegarden.  The book goes on in great detail about the early generations in America.  I can trace back directly 10 generations to Christian Tegarden.  It truly is a wonderful book! 

We were fortunate enough to visit Germany (The Motherland) while we were living in England.  We spent some time trying to find this small farm, and I am not sure it would have happened if we hadn't ran into a nice English man at the gas station.   He was able to figure out where we were trying to go and lead us to a small little area outside of Solingen where we finally found the Theegarten farm.  We walked around and took some pictures of the street signs and surroundings, it was a neat little piece of history to be part of.

If you want to read more on the Teegardens or look up your family history, this book is wonderful place to start.  You may even find out how you are related to a few famous Teegardens - Jack Teagarden abd Aimee Teegarden.


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